About Pinchin Limited

Pinchin Ltd. can help you balance your business goals with an understanding of both natural and built environments.  That means investigating what could be under the soil at a potential building site, or what's inside the walls of your office complex - and what that could mean to your bottom line.  It's helping you know that the people in your organization work in a safe, healthy space, and that you are compliant with often complex environmental, health and safety standards and laws.

For decades, Pinchin has been providing clients with solution-focused services and training in the environmental and health and safety field to:

  • Property Managers & Developers
  • Hospitals & Health Care Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Private Equity & Institutional Investors
  • Insurance Companies & Adjusters
  • Government Institutions
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties
  • Contractors (General, Restoration, Hazardous Materials)

We are part of a national network of four regionally-owned companies which provide experts with local knowledge.

Great Places to Work in Canada recognized Pinchin Ltd. for the 6th Year in a Row: Canadian Business "Best Places to Work in Canada" List

Building Science & Sustainability, Emissions Reduction & Compliance, Environmental Due Diligence & Remediation, Indoor Air Quality & Mould, Hazardous Materials, Occupational Health & Safety, Environmental Laboratory (asbestos mould rador odour Legionella)

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Pinchin Ltd., part of the Pinchin Group of Companies, is one of Canada’s largest environmental, engineering, health and safety consulting fi

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