About TwoGreySuits

TwoGreySuits (TGS) is a fully loaded on-line Human Resources Department specifically designed to meet the people management needs of small and medium sized enterprises.


The TGS System Components

On-Line Training - Using leading edge e-learning technology, TGS has created a seven module core training product titled the Employee Engagement Certification Course for managers and supervisors.  This core program will be enhanced over time with information webinars of specific interest and benefit to small and medium sized businesses.

The HR Power Centre - Contains over 1500 pages of downloadable forms, tools and guides for implementation of the key drivers of Employee Engagement as well as for dealing with the day-to-day people management issues that invariably arise.

The HR Hotline - 24/7 access to a senior HR professional if hands-on guidance is needed.


Master Agreement
Under the COCA/TGS Master Agreement, COCA's member associations have access to a discounted license fee schedule and can offer the TGS service to their member companies on either an Association Pay or a Member Pay basis.


Administration & Marketing
Each COCA member licensee will have its own administrative website within the TGS site that will facilitate tracking of member user activity and coordination of the assocation's marketing plan developed in concert with TGS.  In addition, TGS will work with the COCA member association to establish a Year 1 Marketing Plan utilizing our comprehensive Marketing Services Library which includes schedules for communication of pre-arranged marketing messages designed to encourage enrollment in the program.


For more information on the TGS System, please visit our website at www.twogreysuits.com or call Barry Chapman, Senior Partner TwoGrey Suits at:

P (647) 297-0284
E bchapman@twogreysuits.com
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